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Bernard de Hoog

Bernard de Hoog (Amsterdam 1866 - 1943 Den Haag), Albert Neuhuys and Hein Kever are seen as the most important representatives of the Laren School. Around 1880 these painters took up residence in Laren for some time, as had Josef Israëls done before. Laren was very attractive at that time thanks to the unspoilt nature of the village and its inhabitants.

Bernard de Hoog settled in Laren in 1899 and remained there till 1902. From there he moved to Haarlem, Bussum and finally to The Hague. The Laren themes would dominate his work long after he had left the village. Like Josef Israëls, he mainly painted interiors. His late work – also after Josef Israëls- is more monumental and shows his thorough study of the old masters, especially Pieter de Hooch and Rembrandt.

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