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Two children reading from a book

de Hoog , Bernard


  • Artist: de Hoog , Bernard
  • Title: Two children reading from a book
  • Period: the Laren School
  • Size: 40 x 30 cm
  • Material: oil on canvas, marouflé
  • Signature: lower right


Unlike the previous centuries, the visual arts in the nineteenth century show a great variety in styles and movements in quick succession. The sunny and somewhat dream-like interiors- often with mothers and children- as painted by De Hoog, seem to be unaffected by the turmoil of the era. But we also find this characteristic phenomenon in De Hoog´s work. Like his predecessors Jozef Israëls and Albert Neuhuys, painters he greatly admired, De Hoog broke away from the dream world of Romanticism and chose as his themes every-day people going about their every-day business.

In his work, there are no great historical events or Biblical scenes or mythology, but plain simple farmhouse interiors, which were often bathing in the warm incoming light. Whether that was very realistic, in The Netherlands with its capricious weather, must be doubted, but it made Bernard De Hoog's paintings immensely popular even beyond the boarders.

The two children, aptly captured by De Hoog, seem to represent a happy snap-shot. It seems as if they have escaped the painter's attention just for a moment. The sketchy character of the painting increases its liveliness; as if De Hoog painted the children 'a la prima' in the intimacy of the room.


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